Thursday, 3 May 2012

Li'l Darlin' - The Spot

2 May 2012

Li'l Darlin'
51 Perouse Rd, Randwick

After being to the original Li'l Darlin' in Darlinghurst for my birthday, I was so excited to cruise past on the bus and see that L'il Darlin had opened at the Spot, AND within walking distance to home! AWESOME! Shame about the second job that I now have otherwise I would no doubt live there.

This sexy little Tapas/Pizza bar is exactly what the Spot needs, don't get me wrong, there are so many Pizza choices and Tapas choices already but a cool little trendy place that you can just go for a drink, besides Elysium, this is it, and I expect it to be a hit!
Decked out with foliage and fairy lights, it sets a relaxed mood, similar to that of the Winery or the Gazebo. Cocktails flow nicely and the amazing aromas coming from the kitchen make my stomach rumble.

With a few drinks to start with, how can you go past a frozen Margarita and $4.50 pizza's between 4-7pm, we opt for the Grilled Chilli Prawns ($11.90) in a Spanish chilli tomato sauce with charred ciabatta and the Grilled Chorizo and Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza (usually $12.90) grilled chorizo, buffalo mozzarella and a smoked chermoula dressing. With our movie about to start we leave but I still have the mexican nacho pizza on my mind.

After the movie and Lil' Darlin' buzzing, I make the executive decision to go back and try the Mexican Nacho pizza ($11.90) spicy beef mince and red bean with diced tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce and after the waitress reminded me of the fairy floss cocktails, a round of those and a Peking Duck Pizza later ($13.90) crispy Peking Duck, Hoi sin, shallots, cucumber, coriander and orange, star anise, cinnamon glaze, which, by the way, was absolutely sensational and my absolute favourite of the night, I waddle off home.

Lil' Darlin is highly recommended!

Chorizo and Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza

Grilled Chilli Prawns

Frozen Magarita


Mexican Nacho Pizza

Fairy Floss Cocktail

Peking Duck Pizza (AMAZEBALLS!)

Service : 8 Food : 9 Atmosphere : 8 Value : 8

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  1. The fairy floss cocktail looks amazing!!

  2. Oh babe, it was soo soooooooo good! I'm going back for another one in the next week for sure!

  3. The Mexican Nacho pizza is delicious. Going back tomorrow night!

  4. i was wondering what the Fairy Floss Cocktail looked like. i was very tempted to get due to the name of it. hoping to try their pizzas soon.

  5. Simon, you will absolutely love it! It's one place you need to make time for! PS, thanks for stopping by, absolutely LOVE your blog!