Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zushi - Surry Hills

16 May 2012

285 Crown Street, Surry Hills
P: +61 2 9380 8830 E :

Located next to The Winery in Surry Hills, and with its sister restaurant in Darlinghurst, I was eager to try what I have heard to be great sushi! After reading recent reviews, I was a little nervous to say the least but as a regular sushi and japanese eater, I was so relieved to to experience a truly mouth watering experience.

Starting ofcourse with Edamame Chilli. I would have preferred a little more heat to it but tasty all the same followed by a small assortment of sashimi which included tuna, salmon, snapper and kingfish all of which were fresh and mouth watering. Onto a zushi wagyu (kobe-style tajima wagyu sirloin cubes "medium rare" nashi pear + apple soy sauce) I wouldn't say that the wagyu was cooked medium rare, more medium but the sauce was extraordinary! a few nigiri, seared salmon and seared scallop, nothing overly exciting about the nigiri but watch out for the wasabi hit after biting into the scallop, wow did my nose clear up! I was intrigued by the gyoza rolls, (pork gyoza, cucumber, sesame seeds, shallots, wasabi mayo) which actually tasted sensational but nothing could top the lobster rolls (lobster salad, cucumber, chilli flakes, topped with salad, wasabi mayo, tobiko). Oh my word! It was like a party of flavours in your mouth! To finish up we had tempura strawberries, filled with milk chocolate and served on vanilla ice cream. I was jumping out of my seat with excitement over this dish. Chocolate, strawberries and ice cream with a little bit of batter... where can you possibly go wrong? With 2 glasses of wine, the bill came to $136.50 for 2. I will definitely be heading back to Zushi!

Chilli Edamame

Zushi Wagyu

Lobster Roll


Gyoza Roll

Tempura Strawberries

Service : 8 Food : 9 Atmosphere : 8 Value : 8

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  1. Oh I love the blog! Reading up on every rec right know. Have been wanting to try Zushi for a long time but somehow it´s just so many choices around there bu now I def need to make a visit!

  2. worst quality pics and blog entry ive seen in a while